You are an active participant in this process and have the final decision
as to which puppy you pick. With some guidance from us, we will help
choose the correct puppy for you.

You will find that professional breeders have a good eye regarding
details about every puppy. The amount of time we spend with them gives
us more opportunity to see their temperaments and personalities then
you will get seeing them in person, though you are always welcome to
visit.(at 6 weeks) Even if you spent all day with them, you would not have
a true picture of the temperaments and personalities of each puppy.
Don't rely on the books that promote puppy testing as the way to choose
a puppy. Most of these methods fail miserably, unless done on
numerous occasions by professionals. If your puppy is not desirable to
you, (that has never happened) we will be glad to float your deposit to
another litter. We want you happy with the puppy that you choose.
Remember in the long run, that the puppy will be what you teach it.

The parents.......
Pictures of both parents can be found on our website on the planned
litter page. You can be assured that if the Sire and Dam did not meet our
strict criteria for health, temperament, and looks, we would not have
bred them. Normally the Dam is on premise to see when you come to
pickup your puppy. The Sires we use are sometimes on premise, but we
also choose to better the breed so we do use males other than our own.

You can download a puppy deposit form on the Future Litters page:
Future Litters